Dawn Raids

Our Competition and Antitrust Law experts are here for you if a competition authority conducts a dawn raid at your company. Our team ensures that your rights are protected during and after a search. We prepare your company for the dawn raid, define the course of action together with you, and thus ensure that the day-to-day operations of your company are not impaired in the event of a search.

We prepare our clients for dawn raids by the authorities. Regular training sessions can ensure that a dawn raid runs smoothly. After our practical trainings, employees and management can better envision how a dawn raid will go. In the last five years, we have conducted more than one hundred training sessions on the correct behavior during dawn raids.

If there is a dawn raid, we will come directly when you call us and will stay with you during the entire search. With our locations in Vienna, Graz, and Klagenfurt, we can reach most parts of the country rapidly, and our dawn raid task force can be at your company forthwith. With over ten experts at our disposal, we are your partner when it comes to dawn raids.

Of course, a dawn raid is not a pleasant event for any company. However, with sufficient preparation and clear procedures, we can jointly ensure that a dawn raid is carried out professionally and without incident, and that day-to-day operations are not impaired.

Our fields of expertise

  • Training employees on proper conduct during dawn raids
  • Written guidelines on proper conduct during dawn raids
  • Contingency plans
  • Mock dawn raids
  • Support during dawn raids
  • Support with IT forensics
  • Investigating possible legal remedies against the search warrant
  • Strategic consulting following a dawn raid
  • Advice regarding subsequent investigative measures

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