Global Mobility

The experts at E+H Rechtsanwälte will advise you on all matters related to deploying personnel worldwide. We see ourselves as your strategic partners, navigating you through the numerous and complex issues. When things get complicated, you can count on us.

With increasing globalization, cross-border work assignments are becoming increasingly important. Companies that want to stay competitive on the global market must manage employee relocation in a flexible and cost-efficient manner. It can be difficult to get a sufficient overview of the various permits required for entry, residence, and employment in Austria, because there are many factors to take into account for each specific case. Getting sound legal expertise is critical for handling cross-border work assignments competently; indeed, it is the only way to avoid non-compliance and the associated penalties.


Planning ahead is decisive for the success of cross-border work assignments. It is vital to apply for all the correct permits, meet the deadlines, and execute binding employment agreements.


When it comes to cross-border projects, you can rely on our team for legal expertise. We will tailor our strategies to your specific issues. In addition to having an extensive international network, we have manifold foreign language abilities. We are also happy to put you in touch with our partner firms for tax law issues, if required.


In the area of Global Mobility, we strive never to lose the personal touch while fulfilling the business mission.


  • Legal consultation on cross-border work assignments
  • Administration of secondments and foreign transfers
  • Advice on settlement, residency, and employment law (visas, residence permits, employment authorization, etc.)
  • Accompanying executives to meetings at state agencies
  • Family reunification
  • Training employees on global mobility
  • Managing cross-border migration projects

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