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Alric A. Ofenheimer

Partner – Area: Corporate & M&A, Real Estate

Alric A. Ofenheimer is a partner and head of the Corporate Law and M&A and Real Estate Law practice groups.

Alric Ofenheimer is an internationally recognized specialist in private and real-estate-related M&A transactions in Austria and abroad. His broad range of public and private sector clients includes financial institutions, manufacturing companies, media companies, IT companies, multinational companies, funds, family-owned companies, and medium-sized companies.

Alric Ofenheimer regularly represents domestic and foreign clients in major real estate transactions. His practice has been especially thriving in the area of joint ventures for the development of urban districts and large-volume real estate.

Alric Ofenheimer has also been involved with legal tech tools for years. He co-founded the Legal Tech Hub Vienna and leads E+H’s digitalization group.

Alric Ofenheimer studied at the Faculty of Law of Karl-Franzens University in Graz.

Andere über Alric A. Ofenheimer

“erfahrener Transaktionsanwalt” (Mandant), “stark auf der M&A-Seite” (Mandant) & “mit seinem Team auch in der Steiermark präsent” (Wettbewerber)
JUVE 2020

„key contact“
Legal500 2020

„He is very good in difficult negations and really commercial.“ (Client) & „incredibly intelligent and fast – what I particularly like about him is that he grasps the problem within the shortest period of time.“ (Client)
Chambers & Partners 2019

„schafft Lösungen, uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen“, „berät sehr zielorientiert, zeitnah“ (Mandant) & „konstruktiv in Verhandlungen (Wettbewerber)
JUVE 2019

„He is a ‚good negotiator and very assertive‘.“
Chambers Global 2019

„pragmatisch, absolut gut“ (Mandant)
JUVE 2018

“He had excellent expertise and negotiating skills and a perfectly structured working method.”
Chambers & Partners 2018


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