From the concept to the feasibility study and financing to investment, asset management and disposition, this year’s Hotel Development & Investment 2021 took you through the complete life cycle of a hotel project.

Step by step, industry experts explained the most important topics related to hotel development in workshops and lectures. Our Real Estate expert Helena Neuner was part of an exciting panel on the hot topic “Sustainable Hotel Investing”. Together with Gisela Loidolt (Drees & Sommer) , Harald Hübl (Value One) and Daan Bakkenes (Colliers), she shared her insights on the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) risks of hotel operations and the legal impacts of handling ESG issues poorly.

During the panel, our real estate expert Helena Neuner explained, amongst other things, what regulatory risks and incentives already exist for ESG-compliant investments and why it is important that ESG aspects are included in contracts at a very early stage. The focus of her presentation was on provisions that are particularly important from an investor’s perspective.

The HDI took place in Vienna on September 27-28, 2021.