In times when the risk of sanctions is steadily increasing in all areas of the law, having effective compliance programs in place becomes ever more important. These programs must be targeted to cover a company’s specific risk-profile, and should be updated regularly. This is the only way to ensure that business operations continue to meet legal standards and do not run afoul of the law over time.

Should suspicious activity come up, immediate action must be taken. An internal investigation is necessary to assess the activity and determine the optimal way to protect the company.

If a company is already facing an official investigation, or widespread suspicion, it is imperative for them to get professional crisis-management assistance. As needed, our firm can also advise on parallel regulatory or criminal proceedings, and defend against potential civil claims.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Planning and setting up a compliance organization
  • Executing risk analysis specific to the company
  • Developing and implementing an effective compliance program
  • Training employees
  • Evaluating and improving existing programs on an ongoing basis
  • Creating internal systems to incentivize good conduct
  • Implementing whistleblower hotlines and providing external support
  • Forensic investigation to detect financial wrongdoing, antitrust violations, and check for compliance with corporate and capital market obligations
  • Collecting and evaluating evidence using state-of-the-art software solutions, to assess compliance in all areas of the law
  • Representing clients, in and out of court, on matters of antitrust law, data protection law, public law, capital market law, criminal law, regulatory law, etc.
  • Crisis management
  • Communications consulting