E+H is continuing its growth course and has strengthened its team with the prominent employment law expert Dr. Natalie Hahn (48). Hahn and her team are joining the employment law practice of Dr. Jana Eichmeyer on October 1st, 2021 in order to expand the area into the largest employment law practice in Austria together with the other two partners. 

E+H already strengthened its employment team in July 2021 with the appointment of Dr. Karolin Andréewitch-Wallner (33) as a partner. Now they continue with a lateral hire. Natalie is as familiar as she is experienced.

Jana Eichmeyer and Natalie Hahn have long been acquainted, and they practiced employment law together for more than seven years as a team in the law firm Kunz Schima Wallentin (KSW, now Schima Mayer Starlinger after the demerger).

“Our goal is to build the largest employment law practice group in Austria. Natalie and I have already proven separately that we are successful. Being able to achieve more for our clients and our two teams combined – this is exactly the motivation that brought us together again! With Natalie Hahn, we now have a total of eight female lawyers, including three female partners, with incredible prestige. Following the recent partner appointment of Karolin Andréewitch-Wallner, Natalie is the perfect addition to our team and another powerhouse for the practice group. She is not only a top lawyer, but also an excellent team player. We complement each other both personally and in our areas of specialization,” says Dr. Jana Eichmeyer, head of the employment law practice group at E+H.

Dr. Natalie Hahn on joining E+H: “Together we can expand the range of services for our clients and combine the existing know-how with many years of practical experience. We don’t just talk the talk of diversity; our team is walking the walk with the highest percentage of women in all of Austria. I am looking forward to working together again with Jana Eichmeyer and her team, and to the challenge of building up the largest practice group in Austria. At E+H, I can continue to develop my field of specialization, and manage international cases in particular.”

Dr. Natalie Hahn has dedicated herself to employment law since the beginning of her professional career and is one of the most eminent employment law specialists in the country. As an established expert in employment law, she worked for a total of 15 years at Kunz Schima Wallentin, and its subsequent spin-off, Schima Mayer Starlinger, with an interim period of about one year in Schönherr’s employment law team. Most recently, she was head of the employment law practice at Doralt Seist Csoklich, where she was responsible for building up the specialist area.

With the addition of Natalie Hahn and her team, the employment law practice group will now have eight lawyers in total.