COVID-19 has created severe turbulence in many sectors of the economy. Countless companies find themselves in financial difficulties. But what about management liability in a crisis? E+H and Business Circle presented a webinar on this exciting topic on April 15, 2021. Several guests accepted the invitation and participated in the Legal Breakfast with restructuring experts Dr. Marcus Benes and Mag. Karoline Hofmann.

Both speakers pointed out the special challenges that business management bodies are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed the symptoms and stages of a corporate crisis. They talked about the duties and liability risks of managing directors, especially when a company is in material insolvency. The experts pointed out the most important Dos & Don’ts in order to minimize liability risks for the executive bodies as much as possible. In addition to discussing company crises in theory, the E+H specialists provided valuable tips and examples from practice.

In a succinct and informative presentation, Dr. Marcus Benes and Karoline Hofmann provided a useful guide to board liability for corporations in crisis, and then answered the participants’ questions.