E+H advised AFFiRiS AG on the negotiation of an exclusive license agreement with Frontiers Biotechnologies Inc. AFFiRiS is an Austrian clinical stage biotechnology company. Frontier Biotechnologies Inc. is a publicly traded Chinese commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company. The agreement is to develop and commercialize AFFITOPE® AT04 to treat patients with hypercholesterolemia in Greater China, which consists of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. AFFiRiS will retain all rights to AT04 in the remaining regions of the world. The license agreement is subject to customary regulatory approvals in Austria.


AFFITOPE ® AT04: a treatment with a future

AFFiRiS’ proprietary compound AFFITOPE® AT04 is a potential candidate for first-in-class active immunotherapy targeting PCSK9. The efficacy of this therapy was recently confirmed in a large phase 1 clinical trial (Zeitlinger et al. 2021).

Hypercholesterolemia is a chronic disease associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. The collaboration with Frontier Biotechnlogies now enables AT04 to be further developed as a cost-effective and patient-friendly treatment alternative in China.

Noel Barrett, PhD, CEO of AFFiRiS AG commented: “This collaboration further validates our AFFITOME® technology platform. It fuels our ongoing efforts to license AT04 globally as we see a growing need for efficacious treatments in hypercholesterolemia. Many thanks to Marco Steiner, Johannes Feilmair, and the whole E+H team for their support over the past months.”

Marco Steiner and Johannes Feilmair have significant expertise in corporate transactions involving the healthcare industry, and they spearheaded the E+H team working on this agreement.


Advisors to Affiris AG:
E+H Eisenberger + Herzog Attorneys at Law
Marco Steiner (Partner, Corporate/M&A), Johannes Feilmair (Attorney, Corporate/M&A), Dr. Jana Eichmeyer (Partner, Employment Law), Judith Feldner (Partner, Antitrust Law), Fabian Larcher (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Alexander Reiter (Associate, Antitrust Law)

KPMG (Tax Advisors)
Andreas Kronawetter, Lukas Plakolm

Sonn & Partner (Patent Counsel)
Dr. Daniel Alge

Advant Beiten (Local Chinese Counsel)
Susanne Rademacher, Jenna.Wang-Metzner