This year at the 4GAMECHANGERS FESTIVAL, intriguing presentations from influencers, visionaries, start-ups, and more were once again on the schedule for business leaders from all over the world. For three years now, the international festival has offered prime opportunities for networking, skill-swapping, and info flow.

We were there! Our very own Alric A. Ofenheimer made an appearance on the “Generation AI” panel this year to conceptualize the daily operations of Future law firms.

His approaches to the legal framework for artificial intelligence, such as current legal accountability for discrimination resulting from AI actions, drew an exciting picture of new possibilities for the legal sector, and led to lively discussions among the audience.

You can stream the whole panel discussion online here: Generation AI: Taking the next step in human evolution. Can imperfect humans create perfect intelligence?

The 4GAMECHANGERS FESTIVAL is an innovative blend of professional conference, entertainment court, and music festival with over 80 hours of stage programs, breaking news, and tons of gamechanging topics.

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